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Adrenchrome - "Titans Fall"

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Adrenchrome - "Titans Fall"

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Titans Fall is the first single from Orillia ON's Adrenechrome debut EP 'Hideous Appetites' which fans of Mastodon, Baroness, Municipal Waste, Vektor will head bang for hours too.

Band Bio:

Like zombies with a taste for flesh, Adrenechrome are heavy metal monsters that have been unleashed upon the world with a mission to bring back good ol' fashioned in-your-face rock n' roll.

It was the spring of 2010 when the quartet behind Adrenechrome first came together in their hometown of Orillia, ON. The four horsemen included Chris "Chutty" Friesen – ripping guitar and furious lead vocals – Timmay Kehoe – stinging guitar and haunting backing vocals - Matt Copeland – God of thundering drums and operatic background vocals – and Mike Van Dyke – dark lord of the rumbling, gut-busting bass. With the members sharing a love of heavy metal greats, as well as of new fresh sounds, it wasn't long before they were tearing up the jam space, followed by stages around Ontario, showcasing their blistering set.

But Ontario alone couldn't handle the roaring beast as Adrenechrome had to unleash its fury. The band's first tour was a smelly success and now these harried road warriors are ready to continue unleashing sonic mayhem, liquifying the guts and minds of anyone within earshot nationwide with their new EP 'Hideous Appetites'.

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